In agreement with the European Law, we will make sure that each visitor of this website fully understands what cookies are and the reason why they are used so as to give the users the possibility to accept or not their use on their devices. A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number which is transferred from the website onto the hard disc of your computer through an anonymous code which can identify the computer but not the user and passively monitor the user’s activities in this website.

Cookies fall into 4 categories according to their functions:
– Strictly necessary cookies that is technical cookies;
– Functional cookies that is technical cookies;
– Performance cookies that is analytic cookies;
– Targeting cookies and advertising cookies that is profiling cookies. operates only with the first three categories of cookies, for which no authorization is necessary.

Strictly necessary cookies: These cookies are fundamental to allow surfing the website and using its functions, e.g. accessing some restricted areas. Without these cookies, some requested functions could not be provided.

Functional cookies: These cookies allow the website to remember the choices you have made ( e.g. the language of choice, the geographical area you live in) in order to optimize and provide more advanced functionalities. These cookies can also be used to grant functionalities you requested such as watch a video or comment on a blog. The pieces of information gathered by cookies can be anonymous and must not trace the surfing activities of the user on other websites.

Performance cookies: These cookies gather pieces of information about the way the website is used, such as which pages are visited the most and if the users get error messages from these pages. These cookies do not gather information which can identify a specific visitor. All these pieces of information are aggregated and thus anonymous. They are gathered only to ameliorate the website.

How to disable cookies?

It is possible to prevent your browser from accepting all the cookies or only those coming from particular websites. All modern browsers allow to change the cookies outline. You can normally find these outlines in the menu “options” or “preferences” of your browser.

Please note that some functionalities of the website could be reduced or not available by disabling cookies.

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