From the very beginning the studio has worked with great passion and dedication on a vast assortment of projects, from restoration to interior works, from residential construction to urban implementation plans. Exploring various fields of architecture, driven from the start by a strong curiosity.
The studio mainly deals with design, the creative process where a large number of variables give shape to a unique solution capable of listening to the place, the client, capable of reflecting the ideals of the studio combining a sense for aesthetics to environmental sustainability.
Research has always been a key activity in studio's culture, a continuous exploration of the innovations that surround the world of architecture and design in general, ranging from new technological developments to sustainability and production processes, to the exploration of other specialized fields to stimulate creativity always changing perspective.


The studio is located in Via di Porto 18 / a, in a multidisciplinary environment composed of surveyors, engineers and architects. All operating in the building sector, covering the major part of the disciplines related to the world of architecture. A conglomerate of offices of various sizes, with a common meeting room and plotter.
Focused on the concept of a very flexible and open collaboration, Via di Porto offers important advantages such as the possibility of being able to offer and coordinate a complete service, from topographic surveying to structural and plant design. But also to have a continuous and multidisciplinary dialogue that allows for different perspectives, immediate answers to the daily questions on the technical aspects as well as the possibility of being able to join forces to face big projects.

Professionals and colleagues based in Via di Porto 18/a:


Patrick Stappers was born in Haarlem in the Netherlands where he obtained his Master of Science degree in Architecture in 1996 at the Technical University of Delft. During his university years he worked with various local architects before moving to Italy to explore new architectural themes.
For more than seven years he collaborates with the Florentine architect Claudio Nardi on a wide variety of contemporary projects located all over the world. Brand shops, prestigious villas and international competitions where the regard for design, the search for beauty, the sapient use of materials and the attention for the detail play a fundamental role. An important experience during which a sensitivity to beauty begins to overlap with the modern Dutch critical approach.
In 2004 he decided to open his own studio and in the following years he dealt non-stop with architecture and building in the broadest sense of the word: interiors, renovations, design, restoration and consulting.
In the midst of the financial crisis, it takes a sabbatical year to devote itself full time to the renovation of its home, to experience for itself what lies behind the architect's sketch, discovering the true weight of the brick.
In the meantime he has become the father of four daughters and lives and works always in Florence.


With the experience gained over the years, the studio guides every phase of the process with great care, preparation and professionalism, in an integrated and coordinated manner with the other disciplines. Accompanying the ideas to the finish line, always keeping the collaboration spirit high.
Right from the beginning, the studio started to make it's way through the complex and bureaucratic Italian urban and planning permission scenario in order to be able to offer a complete service within the studio.
As of today the studio is able to provide the following services:
- Urban design
- Architectural design
- Interior Design
- Industrial Design
- Graphic Design
- Web Design
- Feasibility studies
- Works Management
- Artistic direction