A physiotherapy centre abandoned for years, located on the outskirts of Florence near the historical centre. In poor condition with numerous difficulties to solve, from the shape of the long and narrow room with windows on one side only, to the vast overlapping legislation and the numerous machines without certificates and so on.

The internal spaces are completely redesigned, preferring a distribution that faces as much as possible towards the natural light. By moving the entrance to the centre of the room it is possible to redistribute the various rooms close to natural light. In the first hypothesis, a more open solution is developed, but the final functional program imposes a layout with more rooms for doctors.

At the end of the main room, in front of a bright courtyard, there is a therapeutic pool. Completely renewed it works as a bright and luminous background of the working environments.

While the office focuses, together with a team of skilled professionals, on complying with the numerous regulations imposed by law, the client takes care of the choice of materials and furnishings in general.

Physiotherapy centre
Physiotherapy centre

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