d|c apartment - patrick stappers architetto



A prestigious intervention, the transformation of three apartments on the main floor of an ancient Florentine palace into a single majestic residence, located around a private courtyard. Bringing the rooms back to the splendour of the past, adapting them to the needs of the new owners.
The layout has been studied with great care in order to achieve a layout that best respects the original state, adapted to the needs of the owners. The large sleeping area completed with large bathrooms and walk-in closets is located at the end of the apartment, accessible from a private entrance with lift. The central courtyard brings light and a sense of peace to all the rooms, connecting all spaces . While the living area occupies numerous large spaces towards the main entrance.

The restoration of the decorations has been carried out with local workers, bringing to light beautiful frescoes for each room representing various themes. For the finishes, valuable materials have been chosen. The decorated areas are paved with a fishbone national walnut floor and shellac finished walnut doors with burnished brass handles. For the entrances, floors in Bianco Carrara and Bardiglio have been designed. The walls have been partly covered in fabric, taken from the existing frescoes in other rooms.

The bathrooms have been custom designed with marble sinks and a marble tub.

To illuminate the apartment, a lighting design was developed, completed by a domotic system with pre-set lighting scenarios allowing various scenographies.

The choice of furniture was taken care of by the client.


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