palazzo del sonno - patrick stappers architetto



In view of the imminent sale of the Palazzo del Sonno in Viale Spartaco Lavagnini, the studio was contacted by fellow architects to elaborate a concept design to be demonstrated to future buyers as a possible development of the property.

20,000 sq m. functional space in a strategic position in the city of Florence, an important occasion with a great impact. The design starts without a real destination, even if it was already whispering about a hotel or perhaps a shopping center. The layout therefore had to be as adaptable as possible.

The project focused on the recovery of the courts. By demolishing the central part, a single courtyard is created, which can be used as a distribution space for the entire block. The addition of a large transparent cover recovers this beautiful space as a large atrium. A large cloud that rests on the roofs of Florence. A light structure in glazed steel to make the most of natural lighting, composed of a wavy surface designed different from each other.

While the original facade on Viale Spartacco Lavagnini has its own very rhythmic development, the side on Via Lorenzo Magnifico has an evident superfetation. The concept proposes the demolition of this part of the facade in order to have the possibility of giving a strong architectural imprint to the new complex. In order to design a sort of business card for this important injection into the Florentine urban layout. In order to give voice to the new complex.

The internal facade of the hotel on the Via Lorenzo Magnifico side is covered by a huge green wall. A natural filter between the eventual hotel and the future surrounding functions probably destined for a shopping center. To relate the new glass facade of the commercial / office building to the surrounding buildings, it is printed on a drawing of a classic facade with a typical decoration and cadence.

The basement area houses large garages and a wellness area serving the hotel.


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