aw apartment - patrick stappers architetto



An articulated and poorly maintained apartment located in the historic centre of Florence. Four floors with rooms of various scales and heights, connected by narrow passages and winding stairs. A very nice original wall patina and rooms with hidden decorations to rediscover.

The client intended to use the apartment for their short stays in Italy, renting it as a luxury apartment during the rest of the period.

The architectural project has been developed with great care, hand in hand with the uncovering of the decorations and with the elimination of numerous superfetations, aimed at intervening as little as possible. Small changes to find a place for the bathrooms and to pass the systems, completed by custom-made fixed furnishings.

For the finishes, an oak wood flooring with a single shade was used to connect the spaces. Using a traditional chevron-like design to be alternated where necessary in prestigious rooms. Leaving as much as possible the old patina of the walls. So that the sun's rays could create a suggestive play of light. In the basement there were planned a spa and relaxation area.


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