wine cellar - patrick stappers architetto



During the foundation works of an ancient building, an old cellar was discovered in a very bad state. Among the debris piled up in the room you could see a small section of a vaulted arch and it became immediately clear that it once must have been a beautiful environment to be brought to light.

The client asked us to follow the recovery works with the request to connect the cellar to his apartment on the upper floors by extending the existing lift shaft. With great commitment from everyone involved, the various problems related to this request were addressed. And after all work, a stunning space has been recovered, transformed into a suggestive wine cellar.

Once the damp problem was solved, the walls were smoothed with breathable lime, with a pavement in recycled ancient stone. The wine bottles were positioned along the walls divided by region, backlit in order to have a suggestive atmosphere. Centrally, a wine tasting counter was designed.

The total transformation of this environment surprised the owners who remained utterly pleased with it.


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