gignoro residence - patrick stappers architetto



While working at urbanistic level on the detailed master plan to “connect” two areas of the city, we were entrusted with the development of the residential project to be built on the so-called landing area. In Florence and surroundings the building sector mainly regards restoration projects so we where particularly honoured..

The lot indicated to receive the new gross surface is located in a very favourable situation: clearly visible, airy, free, surrounded by public greenery, in a sunny position and with a good view, with no particular restrictions imposed by the neighbouring residential buildings that operate in this point merely from the background.

The project aims to exploit these qualities, trying to establish a symbiosis between architecture and landscape. To achieve this goal it was decided to provide each unit with a large private outdoor space from where you can "interact" with the external landscape. Spaces with sun shields already implemented in the design phase, usable throughout the whole year.

These spaces, true extensions of the house, are patios or simply sun roofs on the top floor, large terraces and loggias on the intermediate floors and obviously large gardens on the ground floor.

Almost the entire lot is used for the development of this new project offering the apartments not only private outdoor spaces but also the quiet and at the same time the convenience of a large condominium area left green, thus ensuring a good level of housing quality.


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