social housing competition - patrick stappers architetto



The proposal provides for a horizontal development of the new buildings, allowing the introduction of an articulated path between them, positioning the various required functions in the right sequence.

The greenery occupied by the new buildings is re-proposed in the various accommodations through the insertion of a patio, which has become a characteristic element of the project. Alternating public green (park, square and paths) with semi-public green (courtyards) and private green (patios on various floors) creates a rich and intense environment of views, atmospheres and scents, capable of welcoming the different inhabitants and facilitating meetings.

Speaking of greenery, the "Cascina" could take care of it. As a school for children of all ages who learn to hoe, perhaps even helping the community and their inhabitants.

The route starts from the large underground car parks located at the bottom of the ground from which you go up to the 'piazza' with related functions such as "foyer" and "living". A meeting space that opens towards the sun, the greenery and the future.

The route proceeds passing through the "functions compatible with the residence" with on
the background the green of the courtyards, to proceed by flowing under the tallest building, exclamation point, where the physiotherapy centre is located.

From there you can turn right passing through a quiet area destined in part to residential accommodation with easy access or proceed straight on, passing through the "Cascina". The accommodations are designed on a grid following a simple logic. By attributing a green patio to an accommodation, it constrains the construction above that patio and consequently the accommodation above must change the plan. By continuing this system, keeping an eye on privacy and trying to standardize where possible, a rich and varied diversification of housing is created.

The entrances are positioned on the north side by opening the living rooms of the accommodation towards the various positions of the sun during the day. The inhabitants were given an underground parking which flows under the two main blocks, ensuring easy and peaceful daily use.

To keep costs low, the project provides for a series of compensation interventions. So some of the houses are kept simple and without patios, the introduction of greenery and the minimal style of the project support the use of relatively poor materials, the insulation system envisaged significantly reduces consumption costs and so on.


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