slataper - patrick stappers architetto



An owner of a large building complex, which has been abandoned for some time, decides to enhance his property and requests the development of a renovation project in compliance with current legislation to be shown to possible buyers. The lot is located in a very strategic position, a stone's throw from the new station for the high-speed train in progress.

From a first investigation the structure of the various buildings is very solid and its conformation allows a total recovery. It is a set of very uneven buildings, which would add a natural diversification to the final project. At the same time making the study of the layout particularly complex.

The project starts from a careful study of the existing volumes looking for suitable housing typologies. To make room for a large underground parking lot in the courtyard, the central volume was demolished. For each building a first division into apartments is assumed, leaving on the ground floor a part for commercial use for the neighborhood and a side block for internal commercial use.


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